Want to Make A Greater Impact?

Do you desire to know your calling in life?  Are you feeling unfulfilled and would like to live in your sweet spot – that life that feels simply marvelous?  Do you sometimes wonder why certain things are happening in your life?  Do you believe that everything – including the

photo-6seemingly bad things – happen for a reason?

Is it possible that you are being ‘repositioned’ for greater power and authority in order for greater service to others?

Greater power would give you the ability to affect change in the world.  Greater ability would enlarge your capacity for leadership.  With greater service to others you would be able to add more value and benefit to those around you.

That, my friend, is living in your sweet spot.

You may be saying to yourself, “who me”?  Change the world?  Yes!  YOU!

You may not be called to change ‘the’ world, but all of us have the capacity to change ‘our‘ world. Whether you are ‘just’ a mother, father, daughter, kid or student – YOU have been endowed by your Creator for a purpose.

It is YOUR responsibility to mankind to discover it.

My colleague, Michael Williams (pictured with me above), has developed a series to help you stir up what is already within you so that you can start living a truly fulfilled life.  It is called The Joseph Factor.  The Joseph Factor answers the question – why am I here?

The Joseph Factor is a series of life-changing lessons that you can apply immediately to help give you broader, brighter and more accurate perspective of your life and your great value to others.  The Joseph Factor will help you to take whatever situation, circumstance or condition you are experiencing and use it to propel you forward.  It will answer at least 7 critical questions based on the life of Joseph:
  1. How do you respond when things go wrong, times are difficult or tragic things happen to you?
  2. Why should you give great service BEFORE you expect great rewards?
  3. Why should you be faithful?
  4. How can your efforts and work be recognized more often?
  5. Why does it pay to be clear and articulate?
  6. Why should you think and plan ahead more often?
  7. Why should you forgive yourself and others quickly and often?
When you look at the life of Joseph, you clearly find the answers to those seven questions and see exactly how they repositioned Joseph for greater authority, power and service over the course of 13 years.  When you understand the answers to these same seven questions and turn these answers into habits, you will also experience a repositioning of your life for greater power, authority and service.

If you want updates on The Joseph Factor,  click here to sign up .

I am looking forward to hearing about your journey.  I want to hear about your thoughts about what you think.  Put your comments below to share them with me.

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