Grow Woman 10 Reasons

  1. Simply put?  I know about adversity.  I know firsthand about the overwhelm of a full life – career hiccups, financial setbacks, broken family relationships and infidelity in marriage.  I’ve lived through it, worked through it, learned from it and am now embracing my new life as a separated thriving woman!  I know what you’re going through and most importantly, I know how to help you through it.
  2. I know, with unwavering certainty, that you’re going to be okay. You’ll know it soon, too.
  3. We’ll get a hold on where you’ve been in order to figure out exactly where you’re going.
  4. My MBA in marketing, (and 20+ years in sales, marketing and entrepreneurial training), ensures that the business side of Grow Women runs smoothly, professionally, and enjoyably.  It also means that I can share that know-how and experience in your business.
  5. I’ve been a Women’s Ministry Leader and I’ve earned a certification in one of the leading researched-based relationship educations programs in the world. (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program, or PREP.)
  6. I’m a licensed facilitator of Identity and Destiny, so I can help you utilize your God-given talents to work towards your God-given purpose.
  7. My middle name is Optimism. (Okay, that’s a tiny lie. My middle name is actually Yvonne, but you get the idea.)
  8. I make a mean German Chocolate cake. (Coffee anyone?)
  9. I have some sweet dance moves, which everyone knows is indicative of an exceptional life coach. Right? Right?!
  10. This may be your first time working with a coach, however, put your mind at ease, these offerings are designed with women only in mind.

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