Today, I Want Cheese In My Eggs

scrambled-cheesy-eggsToday, I want cheese in my eggs.  Cheese gives me a sense of comfort.

Because I’m tired.  I’m tired of everything.  I’m tired of turning on my TV or logging in to Facebook and seeing the plight of my people.  I’m tired of being black.  (Not that I want to be anything else though)  I’m tired of my people suffering with seemingly no one who cares.  No one who is willing to tell the Truth.  I’m tired of the ignorance and the ostrich syndrome of my white friends.  My white CHRISTIAN friends.  (Not that I think they can do anything, I would just like an acknowledgement of compassion)  But there has been nothing but silence.


I’m tired of fighting.  I’m tired of

I sense it all pointing to something.  Perhaps destiny?

God knew there would be days like this or else He wouldn’t have put in the Bible “Don’t be weary in well doing because in ‘due season’ we will reap, if we don’t GIVE UP”!!!!

I’m not giving up.  Just today, I’m TIRED!!!


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