What Others Have To Say

Malika McCluster, Clearwater, FL

~ Leslie R. in St. Petersburg, FL

“As a result of working one-on-one with the P.R.E.S.S. program and Stephanie, I realized that it was something I needed to do.  It helped me because it opened areas of my life that needed to be exposed.  It was so helpful to have another perspective from an outside viewpoint to get my attention.  It helped me to lay down areas that I was carrying on myself.  It got me to where I could focus on myself .  I needed to so that I can focus on myself; my own issues; my own well being; my own development; my own spiritual renewal –  renewing my own mind.  Despite,  life is gonna happen.  Different things are gonna come at you, but you have to put your own basic needs first. It was good to have the spiritual, female mentoring, that knows how to apply wisdom and how to apply it to life to push you from where you are to where you want to be.”

~ Nikki, Tampa, FL

 “Though it has only been a short time Stephanie M. Brown of Grow Women has helped me immensely. I was in a crisis situation dealing with the aftermath of infidelity in my marriage. In a short while, Stephanie has helped me focus on turning my negativity about my situation to one more positive and hopeful. It is still a struggle however, which is why her crisis calls are so important to me. When I am feeling defeated I can call Stephanie and have a quick chat that helps me refocus and continue on the path to healing. The combination of those calls and one on one sessions has helped me see that not matter what happens I will be ok. My journey is far from over but at least I have some hope and a reliable resource to help.”


~ Tara S., Tampa, FL

“The thing I likes most was being able to talk to release things and be free to talk about whatever I want and not be judged.  It made me look at myself and the things I was doing that was destroying myself.  I looked at the things in my past that I needed to leave behind.  I was angry all the time.  I feel a little lighter.  A little more free.  I have direction now.  Before working with Stephanie, I was like a child running around in a store who had lost her mother.  Who didn’t know.  Afraid to go left – go right – don’t know who’s the stranger.   Who’s the bad guy?  Just running around in the world like an innocent, dumb, stupid child.  And I’m a 40-something year old woman!  I’m a very intelligent person, but sometimes intelligence doesn’t do it.  Sometimes I’m too intelligent for my own good.  Sometimes life doesn’t make sense.  Sometimes its good to let somebody in to help.  When you have a life coach to kindda shake you up; wake you up; she lets you see that you’ve been walking about life with blinders on with shades on.  I learned to stop living under a cloud – to take off the shades.  Even my Mother and my children noticed a change.

I thought life coaching was just something that rich people do on TV.  This is something that we need!  I’m living in a crazy world and I need a little bit of sanity…every now and then to tell me to slow my role – you may be on the wrong course.  The program has made me better!”

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