Grow Women Philosophy

At Grow Women, I know the power of prayer.

(I also know the power of running a successful business, financial setbacks, career hiccups, infidelity in marriage, and that everyone is a work in progress.)

While I believe in second chances, I don’t accept the overused phrase that,

It’s just the way I am!

If you don’t like a part of who you are, it’s your responsibility to yourself, the people you love, and the people who love you to get to work and start shaping yourself into the person God intended!

Because even though I’m hopelessly optimistic, I know that we all are works in progress and can use a little sprucing up, asking ourselves the hard questions so we can learn from our past in order to make our future that much better.

There is beauty in pain if you truly look for it, and if you can say my favorite f-word: forgiveness. (Totally not what you were thinking, right?)

Grow Women is about living boldly and fearlessly, though living fearlessly doesn’t mean that you live each and every day without any hesitations or reservations. Au contraire.  It means that you do it afraid, pushing through that voice who says you can’t and showing the world — and yourself — exactly what you’re made of.

Never stop growing. Never stop striving. And never stop knowing that you deserve to thrive.

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