Its Fathers Day…are you feeling ‘some kind of way’?

Its Fathers Day and I imagine some of you are feeling “some kind of way”.  Some may be happily celebrating it.  Some may be feeling sorrowful because your Dad is no longer with us.  Some may be feeling resentful either because your Father was/has been or is an absentee or merely a sperm donor.  OR because the Father of your child/children are not in their rightful place.  Whatever the place your heart is in on this day, remember the only power a thing or person has over you is the power you give them.

Here I am pictured with my Daddy.  It was taken on Fathers Day 2009.  Three years before he left us.  I could still be angry at my Dad because of the things I experienced as a child.  Because of his adultery that I discovered while in middle school, I could be bitter.  It robbed me of parts of my childhood.  His choices altered my life forever.

However, many years later, after his diagnosis of Alzheimers, I used it as a gift to process all that happened in my childhood and eventually forgave him.  Forgiveness is a choice and my life has been better because of it.  Because of my choice to forgive, it helped me to see the good and positive things that occurred in my life as a result of him being my father.  I shared them in this post about the 3 Things I Learned From My Daddy.  You can do and have this too!

Because of the freedom that I’ve achieved through forgiveness, it has allowed me to heal and become my calling.  I think all along, the things that happened to me was a a part of God’s Plan and Hand so that I would be a witness to testify to you that you can achieve freedom through forgiveness — even of the people who hurt you the most.  Even your childrens’ Father.  Even your Father.

What about you??  What valuable lessons did your Dad teach you?  Or, if your Dad was not present in your life, what have you learned in spite of that reality?  How has it changed you for the better?  How has it inhibited you – if so – what are you doing to make up for it?

Some of you may have lost touch with your Heavenly Father and are feeling the weight of it.  He is always beckoning you to come back and be near Him.  In fact, I’m hosting a free webinar in which I will address this.  Click HERE to learn more.

Wishing you….

Peace & Blessings,



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